Things I wish I knew after graduating and before starting my first job


1. How expensive rent, utilities and cable really are.
2. How high taxes really are (approximately 30% for young professionals).
3. Health insurance is crucial, and it’s really expensive if your job doesn’t provide it.
4. You’ll end up spending a lot of your money just on living. Leftover money for social activities and travel will be sparse.


1. Getting into work 5-10 minutes early morning can really go a long way.
2. Bosses don’t want a half-attempted effort. They just want answers and results. Figure it out yourself.
3. You probably won’t love your first job, but you will gain a lot of experience from it and will learn a lot about yourself.
4. Always think and work proactively. A good employee will anticipate questions and problems, and take care of them.
5. We all have to pay our dues and do “grunt work.” Do it with a smile on your face.
6. How crucial business writing is.

Hobbies and Free Time

1. Even if you don’t bring any work home, you won’t really have all that much time after work.
2. Don’t feel pressured to immediately enter the real world. There is a lot of value in taking a year off, either traveling or volunteering.
3. Work to live, not the other way around.

Other people

1. Not everyone is like you. You’ll encounter people from all walks of life. Don’t assume that all your co-workers went to a similar college or even college at all.

College is not like the real world at all. Enjoy every minute of college while you can!

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