As the leaves are starting to change and summer is finally making it’s way to fall, it’s good to take a moment and reflect on things! I’m continually amazed by all the positive feedback I get from you as readers. You continually stop by the site and read what I have to say on matters of personal finance. You’ll probably notice that my posts have been a little sporadic recently, and that’s for 2 reasons. The first is that my new job continues to keep me busy. (Inspired post: How to manage your money when you’re busy). I actually celebrated my 1 year anniversary at the new company this past week (time flies!) and I’m still so glad I took it. It was a great career move for me and I’ve learned and grown so much. The job requires me to travel more (Inspired post: How I earn $900 (or more) annually with a rewards credit card), which I enjoy but unfortunately it takes a lot of time in doing so! The second reason is that I find myself running low on ideas for blog posts. After nearly 4 years of posting and some 220 articles, sometimes I feel like I’ve covered most of it! (Inspired post: Helpful Articles). From investing to debt, credit cards to budgets, I’ve certainly covered a lot of topics. 220 articles is a whole lot, so if you’re ever curious about a financial topic, chances are I’ve written on it! That being said, there’s always more we can all learn and I’m certainly dedicated to continuing to blog about personal finances matters!

To reflect a bit on the past few months, here are a couple of my favorite articles from the past quarter/the most popular ones:

  1. 7 Crazy little things I do to save money
  2. Being responsible in the YOLO generation 
  3. Conduct your own quick and easy financial self-assessment 
  4. Following your dreams – author edition 
  5. And somehow, despite being written 2 years ago…the most popular article on the site is: What to do when your car gets stolen, and then gets found.

For some upcoming blog posts that I’ve been thinking/doing research on: ending a car lease, refinancing your house, rolling a 401(k) over, how to think through an HSA. Of course, please reach out via email (ben at with any ideas, questions, or topics you’d like to see covered!

Thanks so much for your continued support of the blog!



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