5 year anniversary

5 year anniversary

Happy 5 year anniversary to us here at YoungMoneyFinance. What an incredible year it’s been! I’m continually amazed and wowed by the amount of support that I get from readers just like you. I felt like over the past year I was able to really connect with more of my readers, having conversed over email and some in person meetings, allowing me to fulfill my mission of delivering relevant financial advice to young professionals.

5 years ago (January 2013) I had no idea if people would be interested in what I had to say regarding personal finance and a couple hundred posts later, you still are! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For a look back at the past year, here are a couple of the top blog posts (in case you missed them):

Pros and cons of driving for Uber/Lyft

Credit Card Myths that need busting

How I manage my money

When it’s ok to gamble with your money

Looking forward, I have big things in store for the upcoming year! In continuing my quest to provide modern, relevant and easy to understand financial knowledge to readers, I’m trying to find creative ways to make sure you’re getting the help you need. In 2018, I’m rolling out financial consultations (in person if you’re in the Atlanta GA area or over Skype/Google Hangouts) for $50/session (1 hour long). I’ve already successfully helped a number of people with their various financial goals (save for retirement, pay down debt, buy a house, or just make sure they are on track) and am extending this offer to you as my readers! Email ben at youngmoneyfinance.com if you’re interested! I’m also looking to roll out some practical guides, i.e. “How to open a retirement account” or “The steps in getting ready, and buying a house” – guides that I think will provide concise information to you so you quickly get the information you’re looking for. Also, after 5 years of having the same website, I’m planning a major upgrade and redesign. That’s just the beginning though – look out for more posts, more guest posts and more ways to engage with YMF!

So, you, the awesome reader – keep up the good work and YMF will continue to do the same! Thanks for coming by the site, thanks for liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, and thanks for telling your friends to check us out!

Thanks again for all your support!

Finally, (a shameless plug) hosting fees are affordable (would YMF not find a good deal?) but not free. If you enjoy the site and would like to contribute to help offset hosting fees, feel free to donate a dollar. Click here to donate $1 via PayPal. No pressure but thanks for your consideration!

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