There is no doubt that debt creates a burden for millions of Americans each year. Especially relevant to young workers and graduates, looming debt can cause stress and hardship down the road. It often stands in the way of important financial goals. Three of the largest sources of debt in the United States are student […]

As cheesy as it sounds this July, debt is a topic that needs to be discussed. Debt, like a virus, has spread as an epidemic in our society today. Since the advent of the charge card, which turned into the credit card, our society has become obsessed with debt. Debt is ingrained in our society […]

This is a guest post from Stuart, a MBA graduate student from San Jose State University. While evaluating your credit card bill, you encounter a charge on your credit card bill that you weren’t aware of. Your mobile phone bill is showing a monthly bill that you had not signed up for. Despite the headaches, […]