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Similar to a shepherd watching over there sheep, or a king watching over their kingdom, you should play an active watchful role over your finances. The idea for this article came out in the news this week, involving Wells Fargo employees and how some of them were creating accounts for customers..without their permission.  The story goes that in... > Read More
We live in an interesting world, where young professionals are torn between a world of playing it safe and climbing the corporate ladder; vs following their dreams and taking a risk. Whether it’s starting a band or pursuing a career as an actor, we live in a society that encourages such pursuits, and we’re able to pursue and sometimes... > Read More
The following is a guest post from Jess, a financial blogger with a passion for commodities: A market that conducts business with commodities of all nature are referred as Commodity markets. A commodity is defined as goods for which there is demand in a market, but which is supplied without any differentiation in the market. With a rich history and... > Read More