Uber and Lyft have changed the way many of us commute. I haven’t taken a taxi in ages and ridesharing options like Uber/Lyft provide a quick, convenient and affordable alternative to taxis. Uber/Lyfts are generally clean, the driver friendly and the ease of paying and/or splitting fares is awesome. When in need, taking an Uber/Lyft is a no-brainer. There... > Read More
A very common excuse that I hear when it comes to getting on better financial footing is “later”. “I just don’t have the resources right now” or “I’m focusing on other things right now, I’ll save later”. Consequently; things like paying down debt or saving for retirement often takes a back seat to other things. ‘Later’ becomes our excuse... > Read More
A friend passed along an interesting article talking about the financial mistakes made decade by decade. The mistake made by those of us in our 20’s and 30’s were: playing it too safe, and being overwhelmed by complexity. Reading the article and seeing that stats it listed really made me sad! Saving and investing when you're young is... > Read More
Sometimes you can feel a little stuck in your current financial situation. Often it’s tough to get visibility or to know where you stand. Even with a budget it can be tough. Are you in a good financial position? Are you doing ‘enough’ to improve your financial standing? Are there things you are forgetting? Aside from paying a professional... > Read More